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Welcome to the The Four Foremen WikiEdit

The Four Foremen Organization is a rising industry that's main purpose is to entertain and fulfill an audience with intriguing, obviously impossible life stories of their leading members and their fellow managers and associates. The people who make up The Four Foremen are indeed real people, but their characters in The Four Foremen are fictionalized to the point of fantasy and for humorous purposes. In no way are the people behind the creation of The Four Foremen Organization intending to bully, harass, or make fun of the real identities of these people. This wiki is only intended to suffice the need in making The Four Foremen Organization a reality.

About The Four ForemenEdit

The Four Foremen is an organization that is made up of 4 main henchmen. 6 members and 11 associates. A total of 21 people. The Four Henchmen refers to the four main leaders that founded the organization. Led by Bobos Carlos Rizzy Wilson, Ice, The Goat on the Hill, and Ireland. The 6 members include Big Daddy Dalakian, No Fun Police, Mr. Flat-Ass, Big Daddy DiEgidio, Ronald Reagan's Rip-off, and Mr. Con Blah Blah Blah. The 11 associates are Mr. Blan Blan, Mr. Yarington, Mr, Dotka, Big Momma Ring, Mr. Otherkin, Mr, Interstella, Mr. Grey, Mr. Grump-Grumps, Mrs. Pizza, Charlie Putin, and Justin Trudeau. The difference between a henchman, a member, and an associate is very simple. A henchman is a co-founder and co-leader of The Four Foremen organization. Usually, a henchman is a very close friend of the leader and founder, Bobos Carlos Rizzi Wilson. A requirement is to have become friends with Bobos at a very young age. A member is a person who is identifiable to The Four Foremen as comedic, respectable, and as interesting as one of The Four Henchmen. A requirement of being a member is to become a close friend to at least one of The Four Henchmen, including Bobos' friend. An associate is a person who helps The Four Foremen and members with punctuality to events, meetings, and parties. Each of all the henchmen, members, and associates have a story behind each of their names. In this wiki, you will be able to find personal pages about the members and associates. As well as more information about The Four Foremen and its history, policy, and scheduled discourses. Thank you for taking your time in reading and getting to know our meaningful purpose as The Four Foremen!

- Bobos Carlos Rizzy Wilson

Latest activityEdit

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